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John and Jennifer Smail

About Us

We are John and Jennifer Smail. My wife Jennifer and I, along with the energetic support of our son Lucas, own and run Double JJ BBQ. I fell in love with BBQ many years ago and have perfected the art of good BBQ through trial and error. Great BBQ takes time. There's a lot of time and effort that goes into making great BBQ. Wood smoking BBQ allows me to layer a profile of flavors that can only be done the old fashioned way, using the finest oak, cherry, and apple wood.  That's how authentic BBQ is cooked. A flavor that propane and wood pellets can not duplicate. We personally use two different smokers: 

Lang 84 Deluxe BBQ with the capacity to cook 300 pounds of meat because it gives us the ability to feed events with up to six-hundred people that one is hooked to our concession trailer at Henry's Food Court.  The other one we use is a Shirley Fabrication that allows us to smoke 500 pounds for meat so we use that one events such as festivals, weddings cruise ins and bigger events. Both smokers are built and designed to promote even cooking while providing our signature smokey flavor.  I invite you to give us a try at your next catered event or visit us at our new concession trailer that will be located throughout the Willamette Valley. I know you'll be happy with the results.

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